Critical 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contractor


Congratulations for deciding to take on the remodeling project you have been dreaming about. Or maybe you are just improving the value of your home. Either way, whether it is a big project or small, it’s critical for you to choose the right contractor to get the job done. We are here to help you for making the right choice, for this we have prepared a list of 10 important questions for your contractor. If they fail to answer these questions satisfactorily, you should not give them your business.


  1. What is your license number?

A to Z renovation’s license number is 1457376.

You only want to do business with a contractor who is licensed. When you have a contractor’s license number in hand, you can call the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and also confirm that the license number is valid and up to date.

Feel free to check us out before and after meeting us for a free consultation.


  1. Are you a stable, reliable company or a “man in a van?”

We are proud in our ability to welcome clients into our fully stocked Manhattan showroom. Our showroom remains open seven days a week (the FJ showroom is closed on Sundays), so you have the facility to get in touch with someone. Since every project has a Project Manager you are free to contact your Project Manager at any time you choose.


  1. What type and how much insurance do you carry?

As per law, Home Improvement Contractors must carry liability, disability and worker’s compensation. All of the above is carried by us with a total coverage of $ 4 million which is the highest amount required by even the most exclusive Manhattan Co-ops. This gives assurance to our clients complete confidence in the event of any accident.


  1. Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau?

We have been members of the Better Business Bureau since our inception since 2012. Though this is not required for Home Improvement Contractors, members agree to abide by strict business practices and quickly and fairly resolve any complaint that arises.  We feel proud of our record at the BBC and encourage potential clients to visit our site.


  1. Do you have references relevant to my project?

Of course. We believe that past performance is always the best indicator. At A to Z renovation, we document our projects with photos that capture the work accomplished – from before to during and after. We are also having referral letters book and testimonials. Often, our services to other tenants in the building are recommended by the building management or superintendents.

After you meet with our Remodeling Consultant, he or she can put you in touch with any of our clients in your building or your neighborhood who have worked with us in the past.


  1. Who will handle the day-to-day?

You will definitely want to ensure that your project gets priority and that the contractor is not overextended.  For this reason we assign a Project Manager to your project who remains responsible for each phase of construction from demolition to final punch-list completion. Our Project Managers come to A to Z renovation with years of experience in the field of construction management and are subject to ongoing training, which is very much necessary for our ever-changing industry.


  1. Will you help me design my space?

Yes, definitely because we think that everything starts with design – and to get it right we make sure that we hire the right people. We recruit on a regular basis full-time Remodeling Consultants and train them. These professionals understand our processes and procedures inside-out ,  they are also passionate about design trends and committed to the highest levels of customer service.


  1. How can I calculate how long a project will take?

Schedules need to factor in the time of everyone involved and consider how long it takes to design, order and receive materials. The schedules of Manufacturers’ and requisite approvals/permits also need to be considered.  At A to Z renovation, a timeline is drawn that shows you how long each stage of the project is going to take.

An added benefit for employing a larger, established firm like A to Z renovation is that our crews always remain available to start projects. Unlike in a smaller company, where one or two crews are juggled around from job-to-job as needed can be a detrimental to your project, A to Z renovation is having many highly trained, long-standing construction crews at its disposal. This shows that no project is held up or gets delayed due to shortage of manpower.

We have excellent track record for completing projects on time, and we often surprise our customers by finishing the job earlier than expected.


  1. When can you start?

At A to Z renovation,  we have a robust team that is well organized and is capable to handling numerous projects at the same time. Our process starts out with you after meeting a Remodeling Consultant – at your earliest convenience. He or she will explore ideas with you, take your home measurement, design the space, provide you with a computer drawing, and then finally help you choose products and materials. After everything has been designed, ordered, and finalized, your Project Manager will hold a job-site walkthrough with you and the Remodeling Consultant to review the entire job before starting.  When the materials are ready, the construction begins.


  1. What is your warranty on labor and materials?

We provide 5-year warranty to all of our clients on all labor. We only deal with manufacturers who provide a warranty on their products as well.

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