5 Reasons Why Gray is the New White

Gray is the new white and it’s not the dull and dreary ordinary color as was once before. It is the new, hot neutral hue and it’s here to stay. It is a fabulous backdrop for accent colors.

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Simple Spring Cleaning Tips For St. Patrick’s Day

For spring cleaning the perfect time is the rush of warm weather and the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. To give your home a fresh feeling, some simple cleaning tips are necessary. St. Patrick’s Day marks the arrival of spring and it is the perfect time to do spring cleaning. The tips are: In the Kitchen – cleaning the Outside of the Refrigerator. Make Faucets Shine Freshen up the Dishwasher Line Your Oven for Easy

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How to mix match kitchen counter tops & cabinets

Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in your home. For the families they are considered to be the central hub. A kitchen’s design and layout can affect the home’s functionality for this. The designs of kitchen should not only be efficient, but at the same time it is to be aesthetically attractive. The easiest way to create intrigue and appeal is to mix and match kitchen countertops.            

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Smart Appliances transform your kitchen into a kitchen from the future

It is possible to be as smart as your kitchen today, but there is big question that whether you be as smart as your kitchen tomorrow. Uncertainty may come up for making you family for dinner tonight? Now, you can call on your kitchen for the answer. Kitchens of the future are automated and allow you to know what is in the refrigerator and cupboards. With automated appliances, users can: Research recipes, Check to see

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Six Hot Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Do you love your home, but hate your bathroom?   It is the time to give this often overlooked space a fresh design. If one of your goals for year ahead is a bathroom remodel, be sure to consider the wife selection of bathroom vanities carefully. Hot Trends in Bathroom Vanities. A fresh new vanity design is a great place. A modern design tries to create something that is visually pleasing and equivalently functional. Smooth surface

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Guidelines for Keeping Small Spaces Organized

  If you are living in New York, you know a thing or two about the small living movement. Irrespective of being a small homes, tiny apartments or micro-units, we can all use more space and organization. If you find your space frequently full of clutter, being organized is key. We are putting together some ideas to help. When it comes to staying organized in a small space, it is simply about being strategic and

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A to Z renovation Introduces New Website and Branding in 2016

A to Z renovation, a leading general contractor of New York City is proud to announce a new look for their website at The new site gives A to Z renovation a better chance to spread the word about its home remodeling services through mobile-friendly photo galleries and customer testimonials. The design is the first major upgrade of the website since 2009.

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5 Hot Trends for Home Décor in 2016

5 Hot Trends for Home Décor in 2016 when you have a year as trendy as last year, also it is hard to think that anything could top it. Here at A to Z renovation, we created a list of five biggest design trends that we are predicting for 2016. 1. The Class of Formal Dining Rooms that many homeowners are deciding. 2.The Multi-functionality of Counter Side Dining. 3.The Uniqueness of Mismatched Cabinets. 4.The Boldness

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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Are you feeling like to add some style to your kitchen or give it some changes? If you think to renovate your kitchen, start thinking about what you want the backsplash to look like and be made of. What do you actually do when your kitchen needs improvement, but at the same time you don’t want to renovate the entire space? Changing kitchen backsplash is a simple and quick solution to this as backsplashes are

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