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Questions and Answers about Contractors

Advice given by experts to be followed regarding the difference between a professional contractor and a scam contractor resulting experience of shoddy workmanship, hidden fees and fly-by-night  companies that run before you realize what has happened to you after taking money. When you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and /or bathroom, never choose the first New York City contractor on the internet or in the phone book alleging to be “licensed’, “bonded” and “experienced”. Claiming to be something and what you are is a totally different thing.



What to Look for in a Professional Remodeling contractor

How long has the company been in operation? Unless receiving information from family members and friends regarding a company who has actually worked for them, you should avoid New York City remodeling company having less than 5 years experience in the remodeling business.


Is the contractor listed with the Better Business Bureau? Whether the company is listed with the BBB can easily be checked by making phone call or through on line checking. More of that, through BBB’s website any unresolved complains pending with the company can be found.


If you have just moved to the New York City area and are unfamiliar with  anyone, contact your local building inspector for recommendations regarding a reputable home remodeler. Since building inspectors provide permits and inspect additions to homes, businesses and apartment buildings, they will know exactly which contracting companies represent the best in the city.


References given to you by the contractor are essentially useless. If you notice that a contractor seems too eager to provide personal references, it is presumed that the same is not a legitimate company.


Read the contract carefully before signing: Please ensure that all details regarding the remodeling job is listed on the contract and question anything you consider vague and unable to understand. Scam artists are experts in proving to be good, honest and dependable people. Also they are masters of “double-task” and may try to explain procedures and costs using words you don’t understand. If you feel uneasy about the contract, do not sign till some else preferably an attorney looks at it.


Ask the contractor to estimate a completion date and have him write that date on the contract.  If you are having interior remodeling done in your home, this should not be a hindrance with the contractor.  In addition, tell the contractor that you want a clause to be included in the contract which states that a refund of money will be made if the job is not completed within a reasonable amount of time.


Consider it a red flag warning when New York City contractors ask for an upfront payment of more than half of what the job will cost before even starting the remodeling. By giving a scam contractor thousands of dollars, many people have lost considerable amounts of money, only to discover that the contractor has skipped town with their money. Unfortunately, ninety-eight percent of those people never see a dime of that money again.


Remodeling projects in the New York City area can be professionally completed by established companies like A to Z renovation, a leading remodeler of bathrooms, kitchens and other renovation projects. Licensed contractors and expert designers will help and guide you through every stage of your remodeling job, from purchasing accurate materials to receiving the legal permits necessary to execute the process.



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