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Unveiling Nature's Charms: Enhance Your Brownstone with ATOZ Renovations for a Serene Connection with the Outdoors

Experience nature’s allure from the comfort of your own brownstone. ATOZ Renovations provides renovation services to improve your living space and create a connection with nature. Unlock the secret to nature’s charms as we bring peace and harmony to your brownstone home. That’s what our Renovation Company offers – the best services.

From Dream to Reality

Our Renovation Journey in their Words


Our Renovation Process

ATOZ ensure peace of mind for our clients. By making sure that you are a part of the process from step one, we guarantee a stress free, non-chaotic approach. Our step-by-step process is inclusive and informative; after all it is your dream being that is realized.

Hire ATOZ Renovations to Renovate Your Brownstone House. Because We Understand the Delicacies.

Brownstone houses are pretty, no doubt. But, they are very delicate due to their pre-war structures. The porous and layered nature of this sandstone makes it sensitive to environmental factors. It deteriorates over time because of freezing and thawing, salts, and air pollution. Therefore, renovation of such materials requires expert craftsmanship.

Challenges in Renovating Brownstone

Challenge 01
Structural Issues
Brownstones are often pre-war buildings. Due to their old framework, structural issues may occur throughout the remodeling process. These buildings are either renovated multiple times by previous owners or remain untouched since their inception. Therefore, these structures are prone to piecemeal work done by previous owners. Addressing these structural issues necessitates knowledge and careful planning.
Challenge 02
Outdated Electrical & Plumbing Systems
Old brownstone structures are often prone to electrical and plumbing restructuring due to outdated wiring and galvanized plumbing. ATOZ Renovations’ technical staff is equipped with the knowledge to handle such issues.
Challenge 03
Presence of Asbestos & Lead
Old Brownstone structures are usually those created before the lead was labeled hazardous. Therefore, these structures might contain asbestos-insulated plumbing systems or lead in their paint. It is crucial to look out for these hazardous metals during renovation.
Challenge 04
Landmark Brownstone Renovation

Another issue associated with brownstone renovation is that some are declared historic by the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC). When renovating a landmarked brownstone, the LPC must be notified so that all materials and design decisions, as well as any extra applications or documentation, can be approved.

Challenge 05
Outmoded Construction
Buildings built before the 1930s are often constructed with balloon framing, which means the inner voids of the walls are continuous from the basement to the roof. Moisture control, insulation, and caving beams are prime issues with this type of frame. ATOZ Renovations is adept in Platform framing to counter this issue. Platform framing is a modern solution that adds buffers in the shape of platforms at each story within the cavity.
Don’t worry, because ATOZ Renovations have a staff of highly skilled craftsmen who are adept in renovating Brownstone townhouses. From repairing deteriorated facades to decorating your brownstone walls, they are competent in doing every job right.

Popular Brownstone Styles

Brownstone renovations are a relatively tricky job compared to regular modern structure renovations. But ATOZ Renovations is familiar with all popular styles of Brownstones and their renovation design.
Federal (1785-1830): Plain houses with elegant placement of arched doors and windows on each floor.
Greek Revival (1830-1850): Monumental design with higher ceilings, parlor-window balcony rail, and ornamental ironworks.

Italianate (the 1850s) It is the most prominent  brownstone style, with large protruding stoops, ornamented doorways, and heavy cornices.

Gothic Revival (1830 – 1860): This style relied heavily on cast iron. It holds distinctive features like pointed-arched doorways, ornate stonework, dark color-projected cornices, door hoods, window lintels, and sills.
Neo-Grec (the 1860s): This style has sharp, angular lines and classic details. It is known for its high stoops with large, heavy, angular, cast-iron handrails, fence, and newels.
Second Empire (the 1860s): It is known for its mansard roof. It is similar to Italianate style with ornate curved windows and a slate roof.
Queen Anne (1870-1890): These Brownstones have gabled roofs with dormer windows and a chimney. It is also known for using Terra cotta for ornamentation.
Romanesque Revival (1880 – 1890): This style is a true depiction of comfort and durability with the use of heavy stonework and massive forms. This style includes Spanish tile roofs, stained glass transoms, and Byzantine-style ornamentation.
Renaissance Revival (1880 – 1920): These have an elegant classical style with right-angled stoops, large stone door surrounds, and a house front that favors an asymmetrical look.

Why Choose ATOZ Renovations for Your Brownstone Renovation in Brooklyn

ATOZ Renovations is an expert in Brownstone interior designing and exterior renovations. With our extensive range of products for brownstone renovations including Brownstone Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling, Brownstone flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. 

Our Experienced and trained craftsmen are expert in enhancing the curb appeal of your brownstone townhouse. From Staircase restoration to upgrading electrical systems, we modernize every corner of your Brownstone. Not only do ATOZ Renovations offer expert technical support, we also work around your budget, so you can get modern brownstone renovations without going above your budget. All of these aforementioned characteristics of ATOZ renovations’ style make us the best option for your next renovation project. 

Our Local experts design and build a Modern brownstone for you that is a combination of timeless charm and contemporary comfort.

Get your Brownstone townhouse renovated by Experienced Contractors to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle


We Establish Transparent Communication With Our Customers

When it comes to home remodeling and improvement in Brooklyn, we always keep our consumers informed. Our inspection specialists meet with you to understand your requirements accurately to make renovation suggestions. We offer numerous renovation ideas and accessories options.

So you can easily choose what adheres to your distinct style. We provide a large selection of accessories that you may install, including tiling, drywall, cabinet accessories, faucets, lighting, and many more.

We are your one-stop shop for all renovation and remodeling needs. Call us right now for the best brownstone townhouse remodeling in Brooklyn.

Renovate Your Brownstone to get a unique combination of small-town charm and Urban sophistication.

Brownstone has unparalleled design adaptability when incorporating it into diverse design styles. It provides an open canvas for customization, with its rich texture, numerous finishes, and flexible application possibilities, letting you integrate your distinct style and preferences into your home. When renovating a brownstone, several styles and approaches are popular among homeowners:

Classic Restoration

Preserve original charm through repair and refinishing, maintaining historical architectural features.

Scandinavian Minimalism

Embrace simplicity, functionality, and natural light with light colors, clean lines, and minimalistic furnishings.


Update with contemporary elements while respecting the original structure and incorporating modern amenities.

Open Concept Living

Create a fluid, spacious layout by removing walls, maximizing natural light, and promoting modern flexibility.

Industrial Chic

Combine brownstone charm with rustic industrial elements like exposed brick, metal accents, and reclaimed wood.

Sustainable & Green Design

Combine brownstone charm with rustic industrial elements like exposed brick, metal accents, and reclaimed wood.

Electric Mix

Blend various influences for a unique, personalized renovation with dynamic combinations of eras and styles.

Luxury & High-End Finishes

Upscale renovation featuring premium materials, fixtures, custom cabinetry, luxurious bathrooms, and smart home features.

Each of these styles balances historical preservation, modern aesthetics, and functionality in brownstone renovations.
You Dream it , we Design It

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question 01

Is renovating brownstone expensive?

Brownstone renovation is commonly perceived to be very expensive. Which is not true. Although it is slightly expensive than normal renovation, ATOZ Renovations make sure to deliver you Modern and Timeless Brownstone Renovation
Question 02

How long does it take to renovate a Brownstone?

Typically Brownstone renovations take 7-9 months for a complete cycle of Dream-Design-Build. However, ATOZ Renovations provide the final result in the deadline you mentioned.
Question 03

How old is my Brooklyn Brownstone?

Brownstone became a popular material for house construction in the mid 19th century. Today Brownstone townhouses represent the history of this area along with eco-friendly material usage in the construction of these houses.
Question 04

What type of architecture is brownstone?

Brownstone became a popular material for house construction in the mid 19th century. Today Brownstone townhouses represent the history of this area along with eco-friendly material usage in the construction of these houses.
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