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Make Apartment More Spacious by Combining Them with A to Z Renovations

Are you in search of general contractors in Brooklyn, NY who can expand your existing apartment by adding more adjoining units? Do you want to add more space into your existing home for a home gym, office or any other purpose? A to Z Renovations is here to help. Let us help expand your existing apartment space so you can gain more square footage with an astounding look & appeal.

A to Z Renovations

Why Consider A to Z Renovations for Combining Apartments?

A to Z Renovations have a variety of options when it comes to home renovations. We have plenty of home decor accessories which can make your apartment look stylish & fantastic. Choose from a variety of flooring options, cabinet options, countertop options and finishing options only at our showroom. The best part about working with A to Z Renovations is that we have in-house designers available at the showroom to help you put together an exact virtual replica of what you have in mind. We can create software rendered virtual tours for our customers so they can actually feel what their apartment will feel like in physical existence. Our showroom has plenty of tiles, floorings, faucets, & other home decor accessories from renowned brands like Nobilia, Cambria, Caesarstone, European Alleanza Quartz, Dekton, Silestone, etc. The best part about working with us is our absolute transparency. Just get in touch with our professionals and let us add more space to your home, just the way you want.

A to Z Renovations

What Should You Expect As a Client From Us?

As our esteemed client, you can have the following expectations from us.

A to Z Renovations

We Have The Necessary Expertise for Combining Apartments

We know that a project as big as combining apartments will require different expertise. From professional architects to sub contractors, we provide you with every resource you need to renovate & remodel your existing apartment. Our teams are fully equipped with the experience to streamline a complicated process such as apartment combining by decoding our customer’s mind. We have true industry professionals with years of experience in home renovations & remodeling. So rest easy when you hire us for the job, because every product, every material & every labor that we invest will ensure you get the best apartment annex. Say goodbye to your hassles of finding the right subcontractor for your home renovations. Call us at (800) 257-0440 to schedule an appointment or visit our showroom in Brooklyn NY.

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