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The environment is important. We know this, you know this, and we all want to work at saving it. Going green isn’t just a trend, it’s a complete lifestyle

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Going Green In Newyork City

The environment is important. We know this, you know this, and we all want to work at saving it. Going green isn’t just a trend, it’s a complete lifestyle, and we at A to Z Renovations understand that. We take sustainability seriously. Our environment cannot be replaced, and we have to look after what we have left. During our entire process, from conception to installation we take the utmost care to reuse and recycle what we can. We try to limit our carbon footprint, and want to help you to do so too.

Making your home more green may be one of your top priorities when you look at a remodeling project. Many cities are known for having unclean air, often to the point that you have to wear a mask in some countries. We sure don’t want our children growing up surrounded by dirty, poisonous air. At A to Z Renovations we can do various things such as using low formaldehyde plywood, MDF boards and adhesives, as well as sourcing our materials from sustainable and responsible suppliers.

A to Z Renovations

homes greener overall

We can also supply some great tips for those wanting to make their homes greener overall. Choosing to install dimmers and motion-activated lights, programmable thermostats and home automation systems to shut off all lighting when you leave will save power. You can use green paints such as Benjamin Moore Aura, Natura, Green Promise, and other low VOC paints for cleaner air. L.E.D. or compact fluorescent lights use less power overall, which helps with the power bill too! Energy Star appliances are designed to run better, use less electricity and be better for the environment. To go a step further, you can choose bamboo cabinets and countertops, which are sustainable and beautiful. Either way, we at A to Z Renovations share your desire to save our planet. We only have one, and it’s never too late to start looking after it.

A to Z Renovations

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