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Our showroom in Midtown Manhattan is a masterpiece of light and texture. We have a wide range of cabinets, lighting, counter tops and accessories to delight everyone’s internal interior designer. Many designers in New York City do not actually have their own showrooms, and often use A to Z Renovations as their go-to showroom. We welcome all designers to make us of our space, and should you have your own interior decorator, you are most welcome to bring them along to meet us.

Interior design is not just about creating dreams; it’s also about fitting those dreams into a budget. Since we are both the contractor and the installer, we are in a unique position to ensure that your interior design budget is adhered to. Often when one is planning and executing an interior design project, you would only know how much the project will truly cost after it is already designed. We ensure that this is never the case, and that you are always in the loop with regards to costing.

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Most design houses or decorators have a particular style, or “voice”: At A to Z Renovations we do not adhere to any one style, which makes us extremely flexible when it comes to your interior design project. We can accommodate all tastes and ideas, and will source anything that we don’t already have in stock. Our goal is not to create published masterpieces that are fabulously featured in magazines, we simply want you to be happy.
When we design, we keep your dream in mind. We choose your unique products in your unique combination in line with your unique budget. We involve you, our client, in the entire process from conception to installation to ensure that you are a part of the journey, and that the finished product is exactly as you imagined it.


A to Z Renovations is able to provide the following services, should you need help with them:

  • We can get local building department permits such as plumbing and electrical permits. Special applications and variances can also be obtained by our professionals, should you not be able to do this yourself

  • Many people that live in a city live in a condo or other community. These will often require board and/ or management company approval A to Z Renovations will conduct all of this on your behalf. We will also acquire the DOB permits and applications simultaneously.

Hence, you can see that we have a design system handling the entire design process using a full service system allowing the design and specification to move along very fast. This is because designers will have to rely on other suppliers, showrooms and contractors for executing their design.

A to Z renovation’s design

All of this is quite beneficial for our clients, but also a wonderful resource for any designer or Architect. For this reason we welcome any designer or Architect and encourage any client who is working with a designer or Architect to introduce us to them. There are many designers and Architects constantly working with A to Z renovation on their projects. They are free to bring in their design voice with your preferred style in mind and accommodate in the same manner using our system. They can enjoy access to all the necessary materials along with a knowledgeable remodeling consultant and design with your budget in mind. Whether you have a designer or not, A to Z renovation’s design system is the way you need to start your project.

We have designed the following system, which will allow you to begin designing your kitchen and bathroom starting immediately.

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