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Painting is undoubtedly one of the best and most cost effective ways to change the appearance of interior spaces. If you really want to try something special

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Painting the interior of your home recreates existing space, and also gives new life to old drab walls. It is also one of the simplest and cost effective ways of transforming rooms, without spending huge amounts of money on interior design. Interior walls fade and become drab or dull over time, especially if they are in direct sunlight. Even though you may not notice it, your house may not look at neat as it once did. Nicks and scratches add up, and are often overlooked until you want to sell your home. A fresh coat of paint is always recommended to help prospective buyers so visualize the space as their own, which in turn increase the chances of selling. A to Z Renovations specializes in remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, but that isn’t to say that we don’t have years of experience in other fields as well. We guarantee to take the headache out of repainting the inside of your house, whether it’s only one room or the entire home. You may think that undertaking the project yourself will save costs, but in reality the process can be so remarkably time-consuming that it may take several weekends and evenings to complete. You will most likely find yourself frustrated, out of pocket and with an inferior finished product. Let us take over the reins, and ensure a stress free, quality finish.

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Before you even begin to paint, you need to prepare the space. As with everything, preparation is extremely important – especially when painting a furnished apartment. You really don’t want paint spatter on either your furniture or finishes. At A to Z Renovations we know that even the smallest of details is incredibly essential. The correct handling of books, picture frames and other belongings is just as vital as the correct protection of large furniture. We will assist you to pack everything into boxes, to cover your floor with either construction paper or Masonite, and to correctly use drop cloths to protect your furniture. Blue tape is an important little detail that we apply to all the edges to ensure straight lines.

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Plastering is done generally when the building is built, and can vary in quality. Time and era will have an effect on the surface of the plaster, which will in turn have an effect on the paint that will be painted onto the walls. It is generally seen that in older the properties, the condition of the walls are worse. Many of these buildings will require re-plastering before you can even think of repainting the interior, which can drastically increase your budget. Post war buildings are mostly constructed with sheetrock, which requires something called skim coating. Although this is the best technique, it is also an expensive and time-consuming plastering system. Skim coating entails applying a cost of plaster over the entire surface of the wall. This layer will dry overnight, depending on conditions. Once it is dry, it can be sanded down and another layer applied. This process can sometimes require as many as four coats of plaster.

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Trim is basically all metal or woodwork in the interior and exterior of a house. This includes crown and base moldings, windowsills, frames, doors, built-in cabinetry, and radiator covers – basically every painted surface that is not walls or ceiling. Trim is usually painted with a semi-gloss paint for protection purposes and to make it stand out from its surroundings. As is often the case, the older the building, the worse the condition of trim. It will often have many layers paint, or damaged and chipped areas. In pursuit of perfection it is often a good idea to fully replace the trim, although can be costly. If you simply want to fix it up a little as you are on a budget, it is possible to fill in some bad areas then sand, prime and paint. Older apartments will often have wood trim in an exotic wood. Many years ago this was a popular option in many cities. If you are lucky enough to have some old school trim, then refinishing it may be well worth the effort rather than replacing it.

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Priming is done once the plaster on the walls is of satisfactory quality. A primer is a base coat that is then applied to the walls before the actual paint is painted on. In every painting project priming is recommended and is often a necessity. For example, any area that has water damage, has been repaired or patched, or needs a lighter coat over a darker one requires priming. The material acts like glue for the paint which enables it to adhere to the wall without peeling. Even a tight budget can require priming. One can possibly get away without priming if you are painting the same color, but an experts opinion is always recommended before cutting corners.

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