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This section is dedicated to all queries you might have regarding ATOZ Renovations Design-Build Firm. From Ideation to Design and final Construction, we are here to guide you through. As a pioneer design-build firm we honor transparency; therefore, in this section, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. We hope to clear all doubts, So you can embark on your renovation journey with ATOZ Renovations doubt-free.
Process FAQS
Question 01

Does ATOZ Renovations offer Start-to-End Design-Build Process?

Yes, At ATOZ Renovations you get start-to-finish consultation starting from the first call of consultation to the final reveal of your new living space.
Question 02

What is the scope of ATOZ Renovations?

ATOZ Renovations renovate and remodel Kitchen, Bathroom, Brownstone & townhouses and full home remodeling. You can get any corner of your house renovated by us.

Question 03

Is ATOZ Renovations Design-Build firm better for me or an Architectural firm?

Having ATOZ Renovations as your sole Design-Build firm protects you from the inconvenience of translating your ideas to multiple firms. With us, you get all under one roof.
Question 04

How do I know if ATOZ Renovations will use authentic material?

At ATOZ Renovations we use premium material in our remodeling and renovation projects. Not only that, we also provide a 5 Year warranty on our material and labor.

Material FAQS
Question 01

Which Brands do you mostly work with?

ATOZ Renovations work with a number of high-end brands like, Nobilia, Cambria, Caesarstone, European Alleanza Quartz, Dekton, Silestone and others.
Question 02

What is the Warranty on Your Material?

We offer a warranty of 5 Years on the material that we use in renovating your Home.
Question 03

What type of material are you expert using?

We are experts in using all types of renovation material.
Question 04

What to do if ATOZ Renovations do not have the material I need?

If you need a material that is not present in our showroom, don’t worry! We will source that material for you.
Showroom FAQS
Question 01

What Type of Material can I find in ATOZ Renovations NYC Showroom?

You can find all types of materials in our showroom including myriad options of tiles, flooring, faucets, and other home decor accessories.
Question 02

What is the benefit of visiting ATOZ Renovations Showroom?

Our Showrooms not only display different types of materials, we also have Interior designers on board, who give free consultation to you regarding the designing of your home.
Question 03

What is the Address of the ATOZ Renovations Showroom in NYC?

6 W 20th St New York, NY 10011

Question 04

What is the Address of ATOZ Renovations Showroom in Brooklyn?

3404 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234
Timeline FAQs
Question 01

How Long Does it Take for Complete Home Renovation?

Normally it takes around 16 to 20 Weeks for a standard apartment renovation. But, there is no standard timeline. We can only give you a timeline after sightseeing.
Question 02

How long does a complete Kitchen renovation take?

A Complete renovation for a standard Kitchen might take around four to six weeks.

Question 03

How long does a Standard Bathroom renovation take?

A standard bathroom renovation takes around three to four weeks.

Question 04

How do I know you will complete my project on time?

ATOZ Renovations have a reputation to deliver on time. You can read the reviews of other customers on our dedicated service pages.
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