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Communication is the key to every relationship. Especially the one between the client and the Design-Build firm. To get your dream home exactly as you have envisioned, it is necessary to communicate clearly what you want and how you want it. We understand the struggle of a layman to convey their ideas. Nobody expects you to be a master of the Design-Build industry. Therefore, we are here to break it down for you. We have listed down several terms that might help you to convey your ideas. This is the design-build glossary for you.

Aesthetics Glossary

Aesthetics is a general term used to describe the style and vibe of a person. In Interior design, it is used to describe the vibe of a home.
Aesthetics Glossary 1


Chic is an adjective that means effortlessly elegant. In the home renovation industry, this style is used to describe a refined, rustic, and elegant look.
Aesthetics Glossary 2


This style is used to describe quaint, rustic, and rural elements.
Aesthetics Glossary 3


Funky, energetic, and quirky elements accurately describe this style. Think of furniture that harmonizes, but does not exactly match.
Aesthetics Glossary 4


This style refers to modern, Scandinavian-tinted designs.
Aesthetics Glossary 5


This style is similar to country, with an added tint of industry and function-first priority.
Aesthetics Glossary 6


This design style originates from the mid-20th century. It includes Mid-century Modern. However, it usually includes more styles
Aesthetics Glossary 7

Mid-Century Modern

This style is a subset of Mid-century modern with an added hint of elegant design features and modern functionalities.
Aesthetics Glossary 8


This style is rather clean, sleek, and function-forward. Perfect for people who opt for cluster-free living.
Aesthetics Glossary 9


This design originated in the 20th century. It is a combination of mid-century, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, European, and many minimalist styles.
Aesthetics Glossary 10


Pre-war design is a unique combination of certain features that are hard to find nowadays. Pre-War structures can be identified by solid oak flooring, sky-high ceilings, decorative wood molding, and a fireplace.
Aesthetics Glossary 11


This style typically describes designs that are functional, modern, and minimalist, along with structures and angles that give a homey and clean vibe.
Aesthetics Glossary 12


This design is a transition between classic and modern. It typically mixes ornamental elements like crown molding, with modern elements, like sleek flat-panel kitchen cabinets.

Architecture Glossary

Architecture Glossary 1


Architect or designer-produced technical drawings that depict the plan for a remodel.
Architecture Glossary 2


Knocking out and removing old structures, including material, wall coverings, or walls inside the home.
Architecture Glossary 3


This is a rebar-reinforced concrete that sits under the foundation to provide support for the overall structure.
Architecture Glossary 4

Gut a room

Removing everything from a room until framing, subfloor, and what’s inside the walls.
Architecture Glossary 5


People who specialize in skilled trades, such as roofing, tile, or electrical work.
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